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Do not use Chemicals or throw out Your Stuff!

We Kill Bed Bugs with Heat! 

(720) 236-4185

We Kill Bed Bugs Fast and Discreetly with Safe, Natural, Chemical-Free Heat In and Around Denver, Colorado.

The Nation's Bed Bug Removal Specialists:
Introducing A Number of Industry Firsts That Set Us Apart From the Competition

Free Inspections

Same Day Service

Chemical Free Heat

Open 7 Days a Week

Licensed & Insured

Financing Available

12 Month Warranty

Low Price Guarantee

Chemical Free Heat

Chemical Free Bed Bug Removal:
Using Safe, Clean, and Effective Heat to Treat Spaces Where Chemicals Cannot

Affordable Bed Bug Treatments

For Spaces Where Power is Limited 

In-House Propane Systems

Proud to offer the Industry's Safest In-House Propane Based Systems on the Market. These Completely Discrete Systems are Designed and Certified to Operate From Within Your Home, without the need to duct heat into your space from the outside. Equipped with numerous sensors, our systems eliminate traditional propane concerns associated with excessive temperatures, or unsafe Carbon Monoxide buildup. 

Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Electric H

When Power is Abundant

Electric Based Systems

When Power Constraints are Not a Concern, Our Electric Based Heat Systems can be used to precisely position as many sources of heat throughout your home as necessary by leveraging our Two-Stage Super-Heated Dry Steam, and Super-Heated Air Process, we can help you get rid of Bed Bugs Fast with 100% Chemical Free Safe, Clean, Effective Heat

Treat Every Square Inch of Your Home: 
While Safely Leaving All of Your Possessions in Place

Affordable Bed Bug Treatments

Leveraging Multiple Forms of Heat

Super Heated Dry Steam

Our Signature Two-Stage Heat Treatment Process leverages the power of Super-Heated Steam as a precursor to our Super-Heated Air Application. We begin our Process by Extracting any Visible Live Bugs with Suction, and Immediately Following that by Treating all Mattresses, Boxsprings, Couches, and Chairs with Super-Heated Dry Steam to reach any problematic cracks and crevices where Bed Bugs may be hiding. Lastly we incorporate our Heaters and Fans as a Capstone to our Comprehensive Chemical-Free Approach.


Eliminating the Possibility of Cold Spots

Thermal Imaging Technology

A Huge Key to the Success of any Heat Treatment Process is being able to Accurately Identify and Eliminate any Cold Spots that may exit within the Treatment Area. Various Abnormalities in Construction may allow for colder air from the outside to influence different portions of the structure in surprising ways. If left unchecked, this Variance in temperature can result in an Unsuccessful Eradication of Bed Bugs. To Eliminate this Concern, Affordable Bed Bug Treatments has adopted the Most Advanced Thermal Imaging System available; Quickly Identifying and Addressing any Areas of Concern. 

3DFP 85 Percent.jpg

Leveraging Super Heated Dry-Steam and Super Heated Air

Treat Every Square Inch of Your Home

Our Signature Two-Stage Heat Treatment Process leverages the power of both Super-Heated Dry-Steam, and Super-Heated Air to treat the entirety of your Home, including those problematic areas. Our Super Heated Dry-Streamer is able to reach into those Hard to Reach Cracks and Crevices within Wood Floors and Baseboards where Bed Bugs love to hide. This exhaustive process, coupled with the Super Heated Air from our Heaters and Fans, allows for us to cover every square inch of your home simultaneously. 

Treat Your Possessions Affordable Bed Bu

All of Your Possessions are Safe With Us

Safely Treat All of Your Belongings in Place

Our Process is unique in that it has the ability to treat ALL of your Furniture, Electronics, and Appliances Safely and Effectively without unnecessarily discarding or removing any of these itemsAll of our equipment has digitally selectable Temperature Settings and we closely monitor the temperature of all of our Heat Treatments, adjusting furniture and adapting our approach as often as needed throughout the Treatment to ensure a safe and effective treatment of your home. Remove Bed Bugs from your home today.

Our Professional Promise:
Protecting Your Family, Your Budget, and Your Home With an 12 Month Guarantee

Licensed / Guarantee
Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Longest Gu

A Vote of Confidence as to the Effectiveness of Our Process

12 Month Free Re-Treatment Guarantee

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our process, that we are offering an Industry Leading 12 Month Free Re-Treatment Guarantee on all of our Bed Bug Whole House Treatment services.


Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Licensed S

The Protection You and Your Family Deserve

Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and Background Checked

Our company is committed to adhering to all State Licensing, Bonding, and Insurance Requirements for both Your Family's Protection and Our Company's Ability to Continue to Help People Get Rid of Bed Bugs. 


Working Within Your Family's Budget:
Lowest Price Guarantee and
Offering Financing Options Where Needed 

Financing / Low Price
Forever Special.png

Working Within Your Budget and Financing Where Needed

Financing Options Available 

Budget Constraints and Unplanned Expenses such as Getting Rid of Bed Bugs shouldn't prevent you from Getting Your Family's Sleep Back. We accept all forms of Credit Cards and are proud to offer Six Months Interest-Free Financing for those who qualify.


Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Lowest Pri

Our Commitment to Remaining the Most Affordable Heat Treatment Provider

Lowest Price Guarantee

We are committed to being the Lowest Price Bed Bug Removal Specialist in the Business. As such, we are willing to stand by that commitment by offering our Lowest Price Guarantee. We will beat any written price estimate to make sure that you do not overpay for your bed bug heat treatment services.

 Landlord and Property Management Services:
We Can Help Meet all of Your
Warranty of Habitability Requirements 

Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Landlord S

Seasoned Professionals and Extensive Resources to Meet Your Warranty of Habitability Needs

Landlord and Property Management Services

Are you a Landlord or Property Manager that is seeking Preferred Vendors that can assist with meeting the new demands of Colorado House Bill 19-1328, and Colorado Revised Statute Title 38, Article 12, Chapter 10? At Affordable Bed Bug Treatments, we are not only well versed in these Requirements, but we possess the Necessary Resources in terms of Seasoned and Experienced Staff, coupled with an Extensive Fleet of Equipment that is capable of meeting the Short Suspense Thresholds for Dwelling Unit Inspections, Reporting Requirements, and Follow On Treatment Requirements. Allow us to Meet Your Warranty of Habitability Requirements as Your Preferred Vendor Today.


Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Habitabili

Extensive Knowledge and Proven Experience with Warranty of Habitability Requirements

Warranty of Habitability Experience

At Affordable Bed Bug Treatments we have Extensive Knowledge of Colorado House Bill 19-1328 and how it impacts Landlords and Property Managers. We understand the Short Suspense Time Frames Necessary for Responding to Suspected or Known Infestations, the need to Inspect Contiguous Dwelling Units Quickly, the Response and Notification Timelines Levied on Landlords and Property Managers, along with Rapid Bed Bug Treatment Deadlines. We Understand Both Landlord and Tenant Rights alike and assist You and Your Tenants Successfully Adhering to This Requirement.

Let Us Help You Get Your Family's Sleep Back:
Click or Call Today to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast

We Kill Bed Bugs Fast and Discreetly with Safe, Natural, Chemical-Free Heat In and Around Denver, Colorado.

Our Goal is to Provide the Most Effective Bed Bug Eradication Process Possible, Using the Best Levels of Customer Service, with the Longest Warranty in the Business, all at the Most Affordable Price.

No Contracts

Rapid Response Time

Effective Heat

Safe & Chemical-Free

Best Customer Service

Long Warranty

Most Affordable Price

You Shouldn't Have to Overpay to Rid Your Home of Bed Bugs.
Make it Safe, Clean, and Effective; but Most Importantly, Make it Affordable.


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We Kill Bed Bugs Fast and Discreetly with Safe, Natural, Chemical-Free Heat In and Around Denver, Colorado.


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