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Information for Tenants

Know Your Rights and Successfully Prepare for Treatment

In June of 2019, Colorado Law Makers approved House Bill 19-1328: "Concerning Bed Bugs in Residential Premises, and, In Conjunction Therewith, Establishing Duties for Landlords and Tenants in Addressing the Presence of Bed Bugs." 

This Bill seeks to Address Notification, Inspection, and Treatment times, as well as addresses one of the vague aspects of Bed Bug Eradication, namely, who is responsible for the cost for Inspection and Treatment Services. As a result of being signed, House Bill 19-1328 invoked a number of changes to Colorado Statute Title 38 Article 12 overseeing Tenants and Landlords. 

Feel free to reference a more in-depth discussion regarding this topic in our Warranty of Habitability section. In the absence of further review, a brief synopsis of Tenant's Rights are as follows:


  • You have the right to notify your Landlord or Other Agency such as the Health Department of a Suspected or Known Bed Bug Infestation. 

  • Upon Notification Your Landlord is Required to Respond Within 96 Hours. 

  • Prior to Inspection, Your Landlord is Required to Provide 2 Business Days Notice. 

  • You, the Tenant are Responsible for any Preparation Costs Necessary for Inspection or for Preparing for Treatment.

  • The Landlord however, is Responsible for the Cost of Inspection Services.

  • Upon Receipt of an Inspection Report, the Landlord is Required to Effectively Treat the Bed Bug Presence Within 5 Business Days. 

  • The Landlord is Responsible for the Cost of Treatment Services.

  • The only Exception to this however, is if the Tenant, Knowingly and Unreasonably fails to comply with the Inspection and Treatment Requirements. In which case, the Tenant is Liable for the Cost of any Bed Bug Treatments of the Dwelling Unit and any Continuous (Neighboring) Dwelling Units if the need for such treatment is as a result of the Tenant's Non-Compliance. 


If you are a Tenant or a Landlord that would like additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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