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Services for Landlords 

Warranty of Habitability Knowledge, Proven Experience, Seasoned Professionals

At Affordable Bed Bug Treatments we are well versed in all aspects of Colorado House Bill 19-1328 and Colorado Revised Statue Title 38, Article 12, Section 10 as it pertains to Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities in regard to the Inspection for, and Eradication of Bed Bug Infestations.


Our Team of Seasoned Professionals has the level of Experience, Training, and Resources both in terms of Manpower and Equipment to service any Inspection or Heat Treatment Requirement regardless of size.


We are committed to providing years of proven Competence and Expertise, coupled with our Commitment to providing Cost Effective Bed Bug Pest Management Solutions that fit within your budget. Add us to your Vendor List as your Preferred Heat Treatment Provider today.   

Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Bed Bug Do

Rapid Inspection and Reporting Services

Confirming or Denying the Presence of an Infestation

At Affordable Bed Bug Treatments, we understand the need for Rapid Response Times to maintain compliance with 

Colorado House Bill 19-1328 and Colorado Revised Statue 38-12-1002 as it pertains to Bed Bugs and Landlord Responsibilities. We have multiple teams at our disposal that are capable of maintaining the 96 Hour Response Time for Landlords to Confirm or Deny the Possible Presence or Presence of Bed Bugs including the Inspection of Contiguous Dwelling Units. 

We can leverage both the power of Visual Inspections, Sophisticated Trapping Systems, and Bed Bug Dog Detection Team Services to Confirm or Deny the Presence of Bed Bugs within a Single Unit or Property, or can conduct a Comprehensive and Proactive Inspection of an Entire Complex depending on need. 

In the event that any Dwelling Unit contains evidence of Bed Bugs, the Affordable Bed Bug Treatment Team will provide Written Notice to the Landlord pursuant to Article 10 of Colorado Statute Title 35 with a period of 24 Hours.

Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Tenant Cou

Providing Guidance to Your Tenants

Providing Counseling and Preparation Advice for Effective Eradication

At Affordable Bed Bug Treatments, one of our founding principles was that we wanted to Create a Business That Helps People. Bed Bug Infestations differ from typical Pest Control Situations in that there is often a level of trauma associated with attempting to deal with an infestation on one's own. Bed Bugs are remarkably resilient and take a toll on the mental health of those affected. 

This coupled with the necessity to prepare effectively requires a level of interaction with the customer to ensure that treatment is successful. Items that are flammable or explosive, are heat sensitive, or those items that will present a challenge including excessive clutter or substantial amounts of clothing or laundry, are all items that can be addressed via our Preparation Process. Our staff of counselors can can help coach your tenants through the Preparation Process so that they are sufficiently prepared come the day of treatment.    


We can also assist with Tenant Communication pursuant to Title 38, Section 12, Chapter 10 in the event that the Tenant Suspects that Bed Bugs Exist when no evidence of Bed Bugs were found as a result of Inspection Services. We can deploy Detection Traps in addition to our Inspection Services that serve as a means of proving to the Tenant that no Bed Bugs are present.

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Rapid Heat Treatment Services

Maintaining Your 5 Business Day Treatment Requirements

Our Team of Seasoned Professionals will leverage our Extensive Fleet of Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment allowing for you the Landlord to quickly pivot from Tenant Notification, to Dwelling Unit Inspection, to Heat Treatment within the 5 Business Days as Outlined within Title 38-12-1003.  

Our Arsenal of Equipment is capable of treating multiple units simultaneously in the event that Contiguous Dwelling Units are identified as Infested as a result of our Inspection Services. 

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