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Welcome to Affordable Bed Bug Treatments

We are in the Business of Helping People rid their Home of Bed Bugs

Lowest Price Guaranteed, Discrete Same Day Service, Leveraging the Safest Propane and Electric Solutions Available, 3 Month Re-Treatment Warranty, Open 24 Hours a Day Seven Days a Week


Helping the Windy City Get Its Sleep Back!


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Treat Every Square Inch

of Your Home Simultaneously:

Our Heat Treatment Process Reaches Spaces Where Chemicals Can't

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Safe, Clean, and Effective Heat

Our Signature Heat Treatment Process

Our Signature Heat Treatment Process covers every square inch of your home simultaneously. Allowing Safe, Clean, and Effective Heat to reach into all of those spaces where Bed Bugs love to hide. Heat Treatment can not only kill Live Bedbugs, but can also kill their Eggs, stopping an Infestation at its source, and allowing for you and your family to get your sleep back. Kill Bed Bugs Fast, with 100% Chemical Free, Safe, Clean, and Effective Heat today. 

Treat All of Your Furniture and Electronics in Place:

We Respect Your Home and Possessions as if

They Were Our Own

Treat Your Possessions Affordable Bed Bu

Digitally Selectable Temperatures that are Closely Monitored Throughout Treatment

Treat All of Your Possessions Without Unnecessarily Discarding or Removing Them

Our Process is unique in that it has the ability to treat ALL of your Furniture, Electronics, and Appliances Safely and Effectively without unnecessarily discarding or removing these items. All of our Propane and Electric Heaters have Digitally Selectable Temperature Controls and High Temperature Limit Cutoff Switches, ensuring that we reach the desired kill temperature for thoroughly Eradicating Bed Bugs, while ensuring that our process does not exceed the safe threshold for any sensitive Electronic Items, Appliances, or Plastic Items such Vinyl Flooring and Blinds. Once your Home is Prepped according to our Preparation Checklist to account for any Flammable or Particularly Sensitive Items, the remainder of your Possessions can be Treated in place. 


We closely monitor all of our Heat Treatments, adjusting furniture and adapting our approach as often as needed throughout the Treatment to ensure that there is NO need to discard ANY of your Furniture or Bedding. With our Signature Process, we can Treat all of your Possessions within the safety of your Home. 

What Sets Us Apart:
The Industry's Longest 12 Month Guarantee, and Only 24 Hour a Day, 7 Days a Week Exterminator

Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Warranty

A Vote of Confidence as to the Effectiveness of our Process

Up to a 12 Month Free Re-Treatment Guarantee

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our process, that we are offering up to a 12 Month Free Re-Treatment Guarantee on Heat Treatments

Old Alarm Clock

Standing By Around the Clock

Operating 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Bed Bugs are often discovered at the most inopportune times. We are standing by to help you through this challenging situation 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week.

Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Licensed B

The Protection You Deserve

Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and Background Checked

Our company is committed to adhering to all State Licensing, Bonding, and Insurance Requirements for both Your Family's Protection and Our Company's Ability to Continue to Help People in Need. 

Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Lowest Pri

Our Affordable Commitment

Lowest Price Match Guarantee

We are committed to being the Lowest Price Heat Treatment Specialist in the Business. As such, we are willing to stand by that commitment by offering our Lowest Price Match Guarantee, and we will beat any written price estimate to make sure that you do not overpay for your heat treatment services. 

Affordable Bed Bug Treatments

For Spaces Where Power is Limited 

In-House Propane Systems

Proud to offer the Industry's Safest In-House Propane Based Systems on the Market. These Completely Discrete Systems are Designed and Certified to Operate From Within Your Home, without the need to duct heat into your space from the outside. Equipped with numerous sensors, our systems eliminate traditional propane concerns associated with excessive temperatures, or unsafe Carbon Monoxide buildup. 

Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Electric H

When Power is Abundant

Electric Based Systems

When Power Constraints are Not a Concern, Our Electric Based Heat Systems can be used to precisely position as many sources of heat throughout your home as necessary or can be used to treat as little as a Single Room.

Two Options for Heat:

The Industry's Safest In-House Propane Systems


Safe and Effective Electric Systems


Our Professional Promise:

Protecting Your Family


Our Low Price Commitment

Few things are more precious than a good night's sleep.
Let Us Help You Get Your Family's Sleep Back.


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Chicago Illinois' Most Affordable

Bed Bug Exterminator

Let Us Help You Get Rid of Bed Bugs Today, with Our Safe, Clean, and Effective Heat Treatment Process. If you've tried chemicals in the past and are still struggling, Kill Bed Bugs Fast With Heat. 


We are proud to be your Most Affordable Bed Bug Treatment Specialist, and are a 100% Chemical Free Bedbugs Exterminator. We can Eradicate Bedbug in as little as a Single Room, or can perform a Whole House Heat Treatment.


We are a Bed Bug Specialist, with proven success in the challenges of Bed Bug Removal, We specialize in nothing but Bed Bug Pest Control and offer Discrete Bed Bug Service 7 Days a Week. If you need a Cheap Bed Bug Exterminator, we will Answer the Phone 24 Hours a Day. Call Today for your Free Estimate.

Serving in and around the Chicago Metro, Palatine, IL, Schaumburg, IL.

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