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Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Checklist

Preparing Your Home

Creating the Ideal Conditions for Success

We pride ourselves in the effectiveness of our Low Preparation Process, and have developed methods that seek to find that perfect balance between allowing for maximum effectiveness while also minimizing the risk of Disturbing the Colony prior to our arrival. To reduce the likelihood of Active Dispersal, our Low Preparation Process focuses on addressing those Heat Sensitive Items, but leaves the bulk of possessions in place, taking much of the effort out of the Preparation Process.

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Heat Treatment over that of Chemicals

Completely Enveloping and Treating Every Square Inch of Space Regardless of Where Bed Bugs May Be Hiding

One of the reasons that we have chosen Heat Treatment as our method of choice is its level of effectiveness. Our Two-Stage Signature Heat Treatment Process begins by treating those problematic areas such as Baseboards, Mattresses, Box Springs, Couches, and Chairs with Super-Heated Dry-Steam, and follows that by harnessing the power of Convection; completely enveloping and treating every square inch of your home with Super-Heated Air including those hard to reach areas that may be hidden from sight. 

Even though you may not be able to visibly see the tiny eggs that bed bugs lay throughout your space, rest assured that our Two-Stage Heat Treatment Process will permeate the entirety of the area being treated and will eradicate 100% of the infestation, even those eggs that may go unseen. 

Before Heating, we extract live Bed Bugs and Eggs with Powerful Suction, and follow our Two-Stage Heat Treatment Process with a means of Proactively Detecting and Preventing a re-infestation going forward. 

The vast majority of the Customers that we treat, have tried chemicals for months or even years at a time with no success due to their inability to kill Bed Bug Eggs. Our Signature Two-Stage Heat Treatment Process can not only kill live Bed Bugs, but can also kill any Bed Bug Eggs before they hatch.


You can rest assured, knowing that our equipment is 100% Safe in its Operation, and that they offer a level of Treatment that is 100% Effective, and one that is both 100% Clean, and 100% Chemical Free. Our equipment is a first of its kind in the both our Electric and our Propane Systems are equipped with Digitally Selectable Temperature Controls, and possess High Temperature Cutoff Switches that allow for us to precisely dial in the exact temperature for effective treatment, without the risk of damaging heat sensitive items. 

Affordable Bed Bug Treatments Warranty

Re-Treatment Guarantee

12 Months of Worry-Free Rest

We are so confident in the level of thoroughness of our process, and the effectiveness of the Two-Stage Heat Treatment method over that of chemical based alternatives that we are proud to offer a 12 Month Free Re-Treatment Guarantee.

In the unlikely event that you encounter a re-infestation, we will perform an additional re-treatment at no cost to you. 

It should be noted however, that Beg Bugs are remarkably resilient, and represent Pest Control's most challenging problem. We will make every effort to assist you with your situation, but please understand that certain infestations may require an additional level of effort, and may preclude themselves from qualifying for our typical guarantee. We created this business to help people that were dealing with these sorts of challenges so please allow for us to discuss a plan that can help you with your situation in the event that an extraordinary situation exists. 


It should also be noted that due to the migratory nature of Bed Bugs within Multi-Tenant housing, our Guarantee Process differs slightly. We would love to talk to you about our Pest Management Plan that addresses many of the concerns associated with Multi-Tenant housing. 


Landlords and Property Managers that are seeking a more comprehensive approach towards managing all of their Bed Bug Pest Control needs can learn more about our Integrated Pest Management Plans on our Professional Services Page.

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